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Why my hair is falling out?

First things first, right?

So the hair has three stages of life:

  • Anagen (growthing phase, lasts between 2 to 7 years);

  • Catagen (transition phase, lasts around 10 days - in this stage hair growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair);

  • Telogen (resting phase, lasts around 2 to 3 months - Normally 6% to 8% of all hairs are in this stage).

We shed on average between 25 to 100 hairs a day, but no worries, you have around 100 anagen hair growing every single day, that's why is almost unnoticed.

But are you feeling that the brush is getting full of hair?

Well, there is so many reasons for that to be happening to you, we need to pay attention on some things:

- which products have you been using on your hair?

- are you taking any medicines?

- did you go thru some difficult moments 2-3 months ago?

- are you pregnant?

- did you check your hormones?

- what about your food? Did you change your diet? Are you ingesting the right amount of proteins?

So, we usually hear that hair is dead, but is it true?

The hair is connect to your scalp, so the roots are getting feed from our body, which means that our food, our level of stress, the amount of water that we ingest, the nutrients... everything goes to the hair.

In my opinion, no, the hair is super alive and dependent on our body. But guess what? Our system does not consider hair as a priority for our body! I know, how dare him? Rsrsrs, but being honest, no, hair is not essential to our survival, and our body has to burn a huge amount of energy to produce it.

That's why when you go thru a surgery you will feel a hair loss after 2 months because your body will save the energy that he uses to produce the hair to help you to heal.

But my advice is, first consult with your hairstylist, we are supposed to be able to find out what is causing the hair loss and help you out with some treatments, and if its more hormonal you should look for a doctor.

I hope that I was able to help you...

Comment and let me know if you have any suggestion for the next post.

See you guys soon.


Juliana Dias

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