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White/Platinum Blonde, everything that you need to know

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hello everyone, is been a while that I don’t post here, honestly I got so busy on December that I only had time for my work behind the chair.

But I am back and full of energy, and posting here is definitely one of my biggest goals for 2022. Btw I hope that you had an amazing holidays with your loved ones.

Let’s talk a little about white, platinum and even light beige blonde.

I will start from the beginning, trying to break the subject in a way that you can understand even of you are not a hairstylist.

Every natural hair color goes from LVL 1 (Black) to a LVL 10 (Pale yellow). To achieve the white/platinum/light beige color we (hair stylists) need to bleach your hair and lift it into a lvl 10. YES, a gorgeous lvl 10!

I will give you some examples (considering only virgin and healthy hair):

  1. A blonde lvl 8 needs only 2 levels of lift in order to achieve the desired result;

  2. A brunette lvl 5 needs 5 levels for the same result;

  3. A brunette lvl 2 needs 8 levels of lift and probably more than one session for the same result.

That being said, the first example will have the most healthy result because it will have less damage on her hair than the other two girls with a darker hair.

It doesn’t mean that someone with a dark base can’t go that blonde, it just explain how important is the hair be healthy in order to have a platinum blonde.

Now that you understand how the lifting work, I will give some tips of how maintain the white/platinum color always beautiful:

  • Invest on GOOD products. Let’s be honest, isn’t cheap going blonde and the home care counts a lot, so if you are considering this kind of color put on your budget some good products to take home. Bad products can mess with all the work made in the salon;

  • Always remember to apply masks on your hair, a well treated hair hold more the color than a porous hair;

  • Purple shampoo is essencial once a week because it will neutralize yellow tones and extend the life of your blonde color;

  • Take it easy with blow driers, flat irons and curl irons. The hair has a aminoacid that explodes in contact with high heat and it releases a yellow pigment. So it is really important to avoid using hot tools and if it’s truly necessary do NEVER forget heat protectant;

  • Avoid swimming in a pool, it contains chlorine-treated and it can turn your hair in green (No, it is not a myth);

  • Invest in a water filter for your shower, specially if you live in places where you have hard water;

  • Keep up with the appointment frame, listen to what your stylist recommend. Usually it needs touch up each 6 to 8 weeks depending of how fast your hair grows out. And always include a trim to keep the ends always healthy.

I hope that it helped with your decision of going that blonde.

And if your are already a platinum blonde hopefully you was able to learn something about how to take care of it.

Suggestions for next post? Send it to me.

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