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Hair Treatment - What do you need to know?

Hair masks have different specific functions that will depend on your hair type and the result you want to get with use. In general, the use of masks allows the hydration of the hair, the regeneration of the hair fiber and even its reconstruction. However, it can also involve other benefits, depending on the goals they want to achieve in the wires.

How to use? After washing your hair with the shampoo indicated for your strands, remove excess water and apply a part to the wicks. Be careful to distribute the wick product to wick in length and tips. Leave to act for up to ten minutes or according to the time indicated by the manufacturer. Rinse well.

What's the right mask for your hair? Each hair has its own needs and characteristics. Let’s talk a little about the most common types of treatments:


It is a type of aesthetic treatment for hair in which the purpose is to rehydrate the strands. For this, the moisturizing masks used will provide hydration, malleability, shine and resistance, aspects of the hair that can be vulnerable with constant exposure to brushes, heat, dyes and straightening.

It is indicated for hair dried by sun exposure, heat, by chemistry or straightening. They are treatments with keratin-based creams, proteins, vitamins, sea extract, vegetable oils, ceramides, silicone and lanolin.

Ideal: once a week to twice a month


It is a type of treatment that restructures the hair fibers and repairs cracks caused by chemical processes such as straightening, permanent brushes, dyes, etc. and end up damaging the hair rods.

Hair reconstruction protects the wires from external damage, ensuring them shine, strength and endurance. It is a treatment that acts from the inside out, and therefore has great durability and effectiveness.

People who have healthy hair should not resort to this type of hair treatment. It is also worth remembering that the excessive use of hair reconstruction products can cause stiffening of the wires, taking away their shine and movement, and can also leave it brittle, increasing the chances of fall.

Ideal: once a month


Nutrition is a treatment that makes lipid replacement, which are responsible for protecting fiber. It can be done once a week or as per the specific need of the hair. Present results shortly after the procedure. It is more intense than hydration, but not as deep as hair reconstruction. In addition to maintaining hair hydration, this treatment repairs surface damage to the strands and provides nutrients to the hair.

It also strengthens the protections that the natural oily ness of the hair provides and leaves the strands untangled, dry and shiny.

Ideal: once a week

Now I am going to give some TIPS that are going to help to use the masks properly:

  • Don’t apply mask on scalp: increases oil and causes dandruff. Apply only to the length of the strands.

  • Don’t grab the product directly from the pot with your hands: the fungi and bacteria that are naturally in your hands and nails, can proliferate very quickly throughout the pot. This causes the product to lose its effectiveness. Prefer to separate with a spatula the amount you will use.

  • Massage the strands: the simple application of the product will not give a satisfactory result if you do not make it penetrate the hair. Massage each wick with your fingers.

Well, that was a lot of information but I believe that know you are able to understand a little more about the types of treatment for your hair.

Your hairdresser is the best person to advise you about which product is the right for your hair. And he will take care of your hair during your appointment but between your sessions it is all on you! If you want to have a healthy and gorgeous hair you need to do your homework and invest on your hair.

As I always say to my clients: IT’S A TEAM WORK!

Bellow I will put some of my favs masks and we carry them at Fresh Salon and we can mail it to you. If you need any help with it put on the comments or message me that I will be more than happy to help you out.

See you next Monday.

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