Interested in hair extensions?

Here you will find almost everything that you need to know about extensions

I am an IBE® Certified Stylist and Bellami Certified Stylist. 


I started my career with extensions in 2020 but I felt that it wasn't healthy for the hair, so in 2021 I invested on a technique that blow my mind! 

I love everything about it specially the fact that it doesn't damage your natural hair at all. 

Which technique do I apply?

My main specialization and love is for hand tied IBE extensions that are invisible to the eyes and touch. But I also apply Tape-in and I-Tip extensions* (prices requires a consultation).

Investment IBE® Method

Hair extensions are a luxury service and the first investment includes the hair that can last up to a year (depending of the home care).

  • The hair: I work with three lines of Hair Extensions: Kitsune Hair, Bellami Hair and HairbyKendraJanelle for curly hair. Kitsune and Bellami needs 1 week to arrive and HairbyKendraJanelle takes up to three weeks. The hair usually range from $800 to $2000 depending of the length and amount.

  • First Application: Initial install includes color on the extensions, a custom haircut to ensure your hair and extensions match seamlessly and the style.

            - 1 row: $300

            - 2 rows: $400

            - 3 rows: $500

  • MaintenanceBetween 6 to 10 weeks (depending of the natural hair growth)

            - 1 row: $200

            - 2 rows: $300

            - 3 rows: $400

  • Payment: In order to buy the hair the salon requires 50% as down payment. The other half needs to be paid on the installation day.

Now that you already have an idea, let's go ahead and schedule a consultation in person so I can give you the estimate and match the hair.

Are you ready?

Click here to schedule thru Whatsapp or Text Messages.

Please, don't call me because I work behind the chair and I usually can't talk.

or your can also send me a DM on IG or an e-mail

Observations: I do not apply extensions that aren't from the brands that I recommend. That is a way to guarantee the quality of the hair and the service.

The longevity of the hair will depend of the home care, so I highly recommend to purchase products that are for hair extensions (we do care at the salon).

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